Audience Response System Solutions

An audience response system (ARS) is a powerful way to connect and communicate during meeting and events.

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Powerful Presentations

The most obvious advantage of integrating response technology is the effect it has on an audience.

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Data Collection

Polling an audience is a great way to engage participants, but the detailed results that follow are the real reason presenters advocate response technology.

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Increased ROI and ROO

We could easily tell you that our products offer return on investment and return on objectives without having the data to support the claim.

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Tips to a Successful Annual Company M...

Tips to a Successful Annual Company Meeting

Annual company meetings are important in paving the way to building stronger business relationships. It is a chance to improve the company, showcase people’s talents and recognize their contributions and strengths. It is also an opportunity for improvements not only for the growth of the company itself but for the growth of its people as […]

Tips for Improving Your Weekly Compan...

While chatting with a client during an off-site conference they mentioned their love of team meetings. When they told me how they are setup, I have to admit I was a little jealous. Every week, usually on Friday, the employees gather over beer, wine, and appetizers to casually talk about their week and their jobs.  […]

Addressing Sensitive Company Issues

annual meeting tech company

At some point, companies have to deal with job-related issues, even sensitive ones particularly concerning compensation and benefits. This is typical especially when new divisions are formed or other changes take place within the company. A client of Tech Quarterback that wanted to address such concerns for it’s workforce and the whole company in general used our […]

The Use of Wireless Response Systems ...


Are you hosting a game show, doing a presentation or a case study, speaking in a training program or doing a survey? In an event where audience response is important so that a lively discussion is encouraged, a Wireless Response System is helpful. The hand-held terminals work through an electronic network using radio frequency and […]

Why Is Involving Your Audience Import...

tips for a great presentation

Have you tried listening to a lengthy presentation where you simply sit, doing your best to be attentive? It is quite difficult, more so when the talk, aside from being long, does not connect with you as an audience. You start to become bored and lose interest that you fail to follow and miss out […]

Choosing an Audience Response Company

meeting polling florida

Choosing the right Audience Response Company in South Florida Audience Response Systems are great tools for a wide range of events from employee conferences and meetings to client education or entertainment. Regardless of the event there are important differences between the equipment that is used and the companies that provide you service. A few simple questions […]

Need More Audience Participation?


Palm Beach, FL -based Tech Quarterback provides a wireless response system designed for audiences of any size, from small groups of ten people to large crowds of several thousand. Using a hand-held wireless keypads, audience members anonymously respond to or vote on posed questions. Results are compiled and displayed in color graphics on a screen. Our […]