Addressing Sensitive Company Issues

At some point, companies have to deal with job-related issues, even sensitive ones particularly concerning compensation and benefits. This is typical especially when new divisions are formed or other changes take place within the company.

A client of Tech Quarterback that wanted to address such concerns for it’s workforce and the whole company in general used our Audience Response System to address these sensitive issues and were able to get instant feedback through reports that we provide.

wireless-audience-response-systemIn a similar situation a meeting among the senior partners was organized and Tech Quarterback supplied the response system for all participants. With the use of keypads, participants forwarded the issues that they believed needed attention and required some actions. Once the issues were identified, groups were formed so that appropriate solution(s) could be put into place.

With the use of a response system, the company and it’s partners were able to provide their inputs in an open and honest way so that effective action plans were created appropriately. Roles were assigned according to the issues candidly but sincerely forwarded because participants remained unidentified.

Using such a system enables a company to apply an effective approach to whatever issues it may face no matter how sensitive they may be. These issues can be identified easily and quickly, solutions can be suggested and executed, and each participant can be confident in their contribution.

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